Bent Christiansen.

Pictures from Kragdrup - family.

The family of  Soren Andersen og Karen Marie Hansdatter, at my Grandfather Kristian Peter Sorensens konfirmation d. 6. oktober 1878. His small brother Peder Christian Sorensen (Kragdrup) 9 year is sitting on his right side.

Peder Christian Sorensen (Kragdrup)
Peder was for many year leader of a house for poor people in Taars. The house burned and he became a farmer. His farm was "Vester Kragdrup". He took the name Kragdrup.
My mother liked the family of her fathers brother very much and visited often the home.

The family of Peder Christian Sorensen Kragdrup and Anne Marie Svendsen.
From left in front is Peder, Morise, Karen Marie, Frode Jul, Peder and Anne Marie.
Behind from left is Soren and Svend Mogens.

Map of Taars with the farm Vester Kragdrup.

Karen Marie Sorensen
born Svendsen

Soren Sorensen.


Morise Sorensen
Married Heip

Peder Svendsen Sorensen

 Frode Jul Sorensen

Svend Mogens Sorensen

Karen Marie Sorensen

Vester Kragdrup ca. 1900. 
Peder Christian Sorensen (Kragdrup) bought  the farm in 1902.
The family lived here until 1934.

The Kragdrup family in august 1914, half a year before the dead of Karen Marie (the mother) 12. Januar 1915. One of the twin brothers, Svend, is at that time on college in Kvissel. 
Therefore it is Søren Sorensen (21 year), with the white cap.
The other is from left: Peder (9 year), Frode Jul (6 year), Peder Christian Sorensen, an unknown child, 
Karen Marie (17 year), Karen Marie Sørensen, an unknown servant girl and Morise.
The picture is sent from Canada and belongs to the family of Frode Jul Sorensen.

Svend Mogens Sorensen and his wife Ester with their daughters Ruth and Grethe.
They lived as farmers on a smallholding named Frejsbo near Taars.

Frejsbo 1992. (From Taars book 2)

Soren Sorensen and his wife Anna Sorensen born Petersen
They were also farmers and had from 1922 the farm named "Renden". See it on the map above.
Their son Tage Sorensen took over the farm in 1969 and is still living there in 2009.

The farm "Renden" in 1908. 

Karen Marie Kristensen (born Sorensen) and her husband Karl Marinus Kristensen with their children.
In the back row from left it is Karen Marie, Svend and Peder. In front row it is Jens Bent, Hanne, Hans and Margrethe. The picture is from 1935.

Karen Marie and Karl Marinus lived from 1922  to 1963 as farmers in this smallholding 
"Saebyvej 790" near Taars. The picture is from 1925.

Once in the periode 1950 - 1965 Frode Jul Sorensen visited the family in Taars.
The back row from left it is Svend Mogens Sorensen, their old farmhand from childhood Ejnar Andersen,
Karl Christensen (husband of Karen Marie, who died in 1950) and Soren Sorensen.
In front from left it is Ester Sorensen, Frode Jul Sorensen and Anna Sorensen.